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Jelgava is a city in Latvia.

Hitchhiking out

Towards Riga, Siauliai

Option 1 to Riga

Bus stop Garozas iela

Option 2 to Riga / Saulai

From the train station in Jelgava, it is about a ten minute walk to a very good hitchhiking spot, to go South, toward Šiauliai, Lithuania or North toward Riga. Walk West (left) along Stacijas iela, from the main doors of the station, and you will come to a roundabout. Take the first left on the roundabout, a street named "Lietuvas šoseja", or "Lithuanian motorway". Further along, there is a small intersection, where the E77 meets up into this road. Just straight past the intersection is a great place to stand if going toward Šiauliai, and there's plenty of room for cars to stop. If you make a left at this intersection, cars will be going in the direction of Riga, and there is a bus stop 350 m after the little bridge.

Towards Lithuania (highway to Bauska, Panevezys, Kauna, Vilnius, Poland)

Find Macdonalds/Statoil next to Lielupe river, walk to Garozas iela it will take some time until you walk under road bridge, continue walking and you find a bus stop Brank Pagrieziens. Hitchike here to Iecava where you can continue hitchiking on highway

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