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Clint hitching home from girlfriend, November 2009

About me

  • Name: Clint
  • Age: 33 (March 10th 1982)
  • Gender: Male
  • Homebase: Right smack in the middle of the bloody continent...
  • Languages: fluent in English and Dutch, relatively good knowledge of German (enough to engage in political discussions :-P ), okay in Polish and understands and reads Nordic languages.
  • Email: clintdothotvedtatgmaildotcom
  • Occupation: Earth Sciences student, backcountry bum.

Hitching CV:

  • More than 10.000 kilometres;


  • 5000 to 10.000 kilometres;

Poland, Scotland, Netherlands, United States of America

  • 1000 to 5000 kilometres;

Sweden, England, Belgium, Finland

  • 200 to 1000 kilometres;

Denmark, Ireland, Czech Republic, France, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

  • Less than 200 kilometres;

Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland



Sandbox pages. Here is where I play around with some stuff.