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Traffic Jam

Hitchhiking in a traffic jam is one of the most efficient techniques for getting a ride.

If the traffic jam is standing still you can go all along the queue of cars and find driver going directly to your destination. When cars are moving a bit, but stop frequently and rarely go faster than 10 kmh, you can talk with the drivers. If the traffic jam has some speed up to about 60 km/h and there is a safe place for drivers to stop (the emergency lane of a motorway, or a bus stop) it will be good to use a sign with destination.

Note that hitchhiking in traffic jams can yield very long and efficient, fast rides. For example, when hitchhiking on the A10/E30 near Berlin it can be good to use a sign Amsterdam, if that is your destination, even when it is far off. Or you can use a sign Warsaw during a traffic jam on the A10/E30 near Berlin, if you want to go east.

Note that hitchhiking by the side of motorways is forbidden in most Western countries. Be very careful with standing on the emergency lane. Drivers do break traffic laws to just get a couple of 100 meters ahead. The lane is also often used by police or ambulances. No matter what you do, when standing by the side of the motorway always look at the approaching traffic. Best is to walk by the side of the emergency lane (in the grass). Consider that you are usually gone within ten minutes at traffic jams. Official fines for "walking on a motorway" is about 30 euro in the Netherlands.

On motorways at traffic jams it is advisable to stand near an on ramp or next to a petrol station. In case of need you can then always revert to hitchhiking on the ramp or on the petrol station.

What's more, drivers will more likely agree to pick you up, as common misfortune gets people closer.

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