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Redundant information

I think the service station method, as well as the information on how to write your sign is a little redundant on this page, as it is described in greater detail elsewhere. Should it be removed? --Rebew (talk) 17:15, 27 November 2021 (CET)

Digihitch difference


When I need or want to give advice on hitchhiking from the UK to mainland Europe or vice versa I usually refer to this page on Digihitch:

Hitchhiking Into and Out Of The UK

It tells you that it is better to hitchhike to Europe or to the UK on motorway services: Maidstone in UK and Jabekke in Belgium.

However, these pages on the growing Hitchwiki resource mention Calais and Dover again as options to hitchhike:

That's quite confusing to me. So, what is better? To hitch from the services or on the harbours. My guess the first. Would the Hitchwiki need to be edited on this?

Free bus from Dover to London

I just thought it would be useful for someone: I took the ferry from Calais (15:25, 19 euros) to Dover, and there was an Eurolines bus to London. I think you are supposed to pay for it after you arrive in London, but it was really easy to escape paying.

I think, at Eurolines you are supposed to buy a ticket before you enter the bus. As the ferry is not an official bus stop, they might not have noticed, that you sneaked into the bus. Is that possible? Might be a good information. --MrTweek 10:52, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

Names of the Motorways

In the wiki I have seen the names of the motorways written in serveral forms: M1 (GB), M1 (UK) and M1 (Scotland). I think we should use one form for the whole country, but which? --GeorgDerReisende 23:37, 3 October 2011 (CEST)

Since the numbers of the motorways are different in Great Britian (the big "island" with England, Scotland and Wales) and Northern Ireland (part of the island of Ireland)(see wikipedia), the first of your alternatives seems to be the most reasonable. For example, there are at least two M1 motorways in the UK, one in Northern Ireland and one in England (part of GB).
We might argue about whether we should put the respective constituent countries for the roads in Great Britian (e.g. M1 (England) or M8 (Scotland)) since the motorways seem to get new numbers when they cross one of these borders, but I think it's not necessary, GB is shorter and leads to less confusion. I'm still confused about names like A1(M), though. What do you or others think? --Kb 01:09, 4 October 2011 (CEST)
In most cases, we just try to use the same conventions as wikipedia does, because they are usually pretty consistent and logical, I think. In this case, I don't really understand them though, I'd say M1 (GB), M1 (Ireland) and M1 (Northern Ireland) are good choices. --MrTweek 12:38, 4 October 2011 (CEST)