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If you ask a truck driver to bring you onto the ferry, he'll pay for his truck and you don't have to pay, because they are allowed to take with them more than 2 people (not sure, but might be 7 people per car?).

Guess this is wrong, but am not sure. Yesterday I asked all trucks going out onto the ferry, but all told me they're not allowed to bring over another passenger. They have to indicate the number of passengers when they buy the ticket, so make sure you talk to them before they buy it. Maybe this might be the reason, but additional passengers for trucks might be more expensive. On the other side, normal cars are allowed to bring max. 9 passengers, because they only pay per car, not per person. But they also have to indicate the number of passengers while buying the ticket, so when trying to get rides afterwards it might be difficult to convince them that this number is useless as they are allowed to bring 9 people anyway. Ticket price is 64 Euro for a single car, by the way. --Platschi 09:44, 30 April 2009 (UTC)