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Spot 1B: Webling roundabout - emergency lane: Added recommendation of right edge to climb through
or follow an alternative path that bypasses multi-lane, busy traffic circle:
2) Take a train to Graz Webling ([ wegfinder] Android app worked great to find a connection), follow railroad south and turn left (east) onto Schwarzer Weg. Follow Schwarzer Weg for another ~500m, taking the left when the road forks, passing a neighbourhood, until you get to multiple overpasses. You need to '''jump over the left (north) fence''' between the first and second overpass and climb onto a hill. It may be a bit of a challenge but it's doable (note: the closer to the concrete overpass the more stable the fence is. I'd recommend the right edge where the fence meets the concrete overpass). Once you get to the top, you'll have a big long shoulder to hitch a ride.
*[[User:Chillion|Chillion]]: (2018) this spot is absolutely perfect, better than the other methods. I walked to this location from Trattfelderstraße, which took 30mins. Though the hill between overpasses 1 and 2 is a little challenging, the fence ate easy an easy climb. Make sure you don't rush it and climb safely. Waited 30mins (9am, weekday), with "MB" sign on the shoulder til I got a lift to a rest station 14km before Maribor. From there I hitched on another motorway shoulder with a "ZG" sign, as the rest station was dead, and got a straight ride to Zagreb about an hour later.

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