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=== South Towards Colorado Springs ===
Traveling South out of Denver can be difficult at best. RidgeGate Parkway (where Cabella's is located) is the last accessible onramp heading South (by bus) and not hitchhiker-friendly. 1 exit to the North is Lincoln, which has a decent pullover area. However, the entire area is brand-new and the expensive SUV's are far more likely to give you cash than a ride. Consider Greyhound to Colorado Springs if you're in a hurry. If you don't mind waiting a day or two for a ride, food & money can be easily gotten in the area and there are still plenty of fields to camp in. The library does have an upstairs family bathroom to get cleaned up in and the hotel has free breakfast.
NOTE: This is my second time hitching from this spot. The last time I'd waited 2-3 days before a sympathetic pastor finally stopped and bought me a bus ticket to Houston after seeing me there for so long. - jsplts
[[Image:32390723 1774434692602485 6689973486976237568 n.jpg|thumb|240px|left|Kspar dutifully flagging down rides along i25 in Castle Rock, CO]]

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