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Rescued from

I live in downtown Denver and have been able to successfully hitch-hike out of the city several times. Here's what to do: -You're going to want to go to the Auraria Campus, on the west side of town. -Find the Light Rail station on the south side of the campus. -Here you will find a bus stop. Take the 16 L out to Golden, Colorado (it currently costs about $1.85) and get off of the very last stop. -This is about a 45 minute bus ride. When you get off of the bus, walk a few blocks West and locate sixth avenue. -There is an intersection where 6th avenue breaks off to the west. Check out a map of Golden and you will see what I mean. -Here, there is a stop light and a perfect pull off that was made for hitch-hikers. I've never waited more than ten minutes at this intersection. -Head west until you hit I-70 and go from there. Make sure you get dropped off by an on-ramp due East if you're headed East.

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