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=== Statistics ===
* Failed country: Tried to hitchhike in [[Bolivia]] in July 2014, giving up after realizing that traffic that day did not exist (and it was freaking cold)
* Coldest position: On December 16, 2009 waited about 8 hours on the [[Latvia]]n - [[Russia]]n border at night at temperatures of about -30 °C. Pure fun! Realized only in the morning hours that traffic would only move after sunrise.
*The longest ride ever: 1443 km, [[пыша]] to [[новосибирск]], [[Russia]], 50 hours, one truck.
*The fastest ride ever was together with [[User:MrTweek|MrTweek]] hitchhiking from [[Freiburg]] towards [[Hannover]], got a driver inbetween who was riding ''260 km/h'' on the German [[A7 (Germany)|A7]] highway.

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