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[[File:DSC01806.JPG|right|thumb|300px|platschi hitchhiking in [[Turkey]]]]
[[File:Serbia_platschi.jpg|right|thumb|300px|platschi hitchhiking in [[Serbia]]]]
[[File:P1010833.JPG|right|thumb|300px|Together with [[User:Korn|Korn]] in [[Uruguay]]]]
=== About ===
* [[Luxemburg]] (2012)
* [[Uruguay]], [[Argentina]], [[Brazil]] (2013)
* [[Chile]], [[Peru]] (2014)
=== Planned trips ===
* [[Argentina]], [[Paraguay]], [[Bolivia]], [[Chile]], [[Peru]] (2014)
* [[Pamir Highway]] / [[Central Asia]] (2016+)
* Moon (2017+)
=== Statistics ===
* Failed country: Tried to hitchhike in [[Bolivia]] in July 2014, giving up after realizing that traffic that day did not exist (and it was freaking cold)
*The longest ride ever: 1443 km, [[пыша]] to [[новосибирск]], [[Russia]], 50 hours, one truck.
*The fastest ride ever was together with [[User:MrTweek|MrTweek]] hitchhiking from [[Freiburg]] towards [[Hannover]], got a driver inbetween who was riding ''260 km/h'' on the German [[A7 (Germany)|A7]] highway.
*The milestone of 50,000 km hitchhiking was reached on April 29, 2009 hitchhiking from [[Hannover]] towards [[Bad Oeynhausen]].
*The milestone of 100,000 km hitchhiking was reached somewhere in August 2010 on the road between Faro (Portugal) and Sevilla (Spain) hitchhiking with a Portuguese-Angolan lady.
*In this '''The milestone of 150,000 km hitchhiking was reached somewhere between [[La Pedrera]] and [[httpRocha]] on 25 January 2015 in Uruguay, together on the road with [[User://|logbookKorn]''' you can find ] after an absence of way too long on the '''hitchhiking statistics''' from platschiroad
Since May 2006 he hitchhiked in total around 144,620 km through [[Europe]], [[Asia]], [[Africa]] and [[South America]] (6/2014). A more or less complete record of his trips can be found on [ hitchlog].

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