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If you are going to [[Zagreb]], and you were not lucky enough to get a direct ride, try to get to a city called Brezice. From there take either a bus or a local train to the border village called Dobova, from which there is every two hours a cheap local train to Zagreb (€1.50).
Crossing from Austria to Slovenia :
If you don't get a ride to Ljubljana, there is a point some 60km before ljubljana where trucks are weighed and presumably the old border check point was in place. Get out here and you can hitch all the cars and possibly even get a ride to Croatia / Serbia as you'll be catching all the traffic coming from Austria. User [[whisperingofthestars|Jass]] received a ride in September 2012 after 5 minutes of waiting to eastern Croatia (but should have exited in Zagreb as there is little traffic on any rest station in Croatia).
[[File:DSCI0054.JPG|right|thumb|234px|Hitchhiking spot in [[Ljubljana]]]]

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