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== Border Crossings ==
Sometimes drivers are not that friendly and they don't wish to take you abroad, sometimes they even leave you just before the border crossing. But don't worry! If you are going to Italy ([[Trieste]], [[Venice]]), your best option is to hitchhike till the border city (Sezana) and from there take a bus (€1.90) or a train (Don't buy a ticket, just hop in, it's 10 min.) till the Italian village of Villa Opicina. From there you can take plenty of buses to Trst (Trieste) and continue to Venice.From begining of December 2011. there is no train from Sežana to Villa Opicina or any other connection from Slovenia to Italy.[ Reference]. Border is also not a problem anymore, because there is schengen rule and no border crossings any more. If you want to hitchike to [[Trieste]] or further to [[Italy]], walk on main road left from train station towards BTC sign, and try to catch a ride to [[Trieste]] or Villa Opicina. This is not best hitchhiking spot, but I didnt found better.--[[User:Cro gavran|Cro gavran]] 22:11, 21 April 2012 (CEST)
If you are going to [[Zagreb]], and you were not lucky enough to get a direct ride, try to get to a city called Brezice. From there take either a bus or a local train to the border village called Dobova, from which there is every two hours a cheap local train to Zagreb (€1.50).

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