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Project 888/Newsletter

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Hi, this e-mail is to inform you about the latest developments around Project 888.
this e-mail is to inform you about the latest developments around the Project 888.  Are you ready for the European Hitchhiking Day/ Week? On the 8th of August we now have around over 90 persons that people who have registered so far in one way or another. We kindly want to ask you to update your event-settings to give us an idea if you're are actually planning to come and if you already have a place to stay:
== Local meetings and routes ==
There are currently [[Project_888/Meetings|meetings]] planned in Luxembourg, Hamburg, Lyon and , Utrecht, Istanbul, Sofia, Belgrade, Budapest, Munich and Strasburg one or two to seven days prior to the event in Paris. Join one of these meetings or create one yourselffor the cities you will be passing through.To create a city meet-up, create a submeeting of the 888 Project meeting on the following page: 
== Accommodation / camping ==
We have at the moment two options for accommodation. : The first idea is to do some old-school camping in the wild. We have localised a spot where we all could camp for free. It is just outside of Paris and not an official camp-site (and we don't have 'permission'). There are no toilets but fresh water resources are close by. Please share your thoughts here:
The second option is to all stay with hosts in Paris, but it is summer period and so far we have no clue how many of you still need a host, and who is able to host us in Paris. We have a pool on the eventpage on CS but we would kindly ask you to update your settings. If you are looking for a host in Paris yourself, please ask if this person has crash-space for more as well, so that you can bring others with you on the 8th.
''So far we have been in contact with several hosts in Paris and currently have a hosting capacity for about 30 35 people.'' We probably will have a list of hosts and their adresses ready on the 8th, so we can distribute the guests.
== Accomodation / third option? ==
== Arriving in Paris ==
We will meet-up right under by the Champ de Mars (located by the Eiffel Tower ) on the 8th. We plan to do some games to share our experiences and stories, and food. If there are no fixed plans made yet (which is likely) we are very likely to have a meeting at around 10 to decide where we will be going and how, depending maybe also on how many hosts we have and how many people are looking for a place. ==Documentary about Hitchhiking== If you would like to contribute to the hitchhiking documentary with your hitchhiking experience/stories on your way to Paris, you will have the possibility to submit your photos, videos, drawings or audio digital recordings to the hitchhiking documentary team who will be updating the digital material unto a laptop on 888 by the Champ de Mars.The hitchhiking documentary team reminds you that you may contribute to the documentary project in any artistic way you can possibly think of. Be creative!
== Open Space Day: Living a Nomadic Life. ==

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