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Project 888/Newsletter

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Hi, this e-mail is to inform you about the latest developments around Project 888.
Are you ready for the European Hitchhiking Day/ Week? On the 8th of August we now have around 90 persons that have registered so farin one way or another. We would kindly like want to ask you to update your event-settings to give us an idea if you're actually coming or not, planning to come and if you already have a place to stay:
== Local meetings and routes ==
== Accommodation / being hosted ==
The second option is to all stay with hosts in Paris, but it is summer period and so far we have no clue how many of you still need a host, and who is able to host us in Paris. We have a pool on the eventpage on CS but we would kindly ask you to update your settings. If you are looking for a host in Paris yourself, please ask if this person has crash-space for more as well.., so that you can bring others with you on the 8th.
''So far we have been in contact with several hosts in Paris and currently have a hosting capacity for about 30 people.'' We probably will have a list of hosts and their adresses ready on the 8th, so we can distribute the guests.

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