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Flag of Somaliland Somaliland
Language: Somali
Capital: Hargeysa
Population: 3,500,000
Currency: Somaliland Shilling (SLSH)
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Somaliland is a breakaway state of Somalia constituting the former British Somaliland. Internationally Non-Recognised as a formal State, Somaliland yet has all democratic ad governing institutions (parliementary system, judiciary, banking, police and army) being de facto entirely separated from Somalia. As such, a Somaliland Visa issued by a 'Somaliland Foreign Diplomatic Representative Office' is compulsory for any visitors.

Police checkpoints are common. Police may be highly suspicious of independent travelers and prevent you from hitchhiking. Because of the police checkpoints, drivers are reluctant to take hitchhikers. However, some police can be helpful and even stop trucks for you. If you are allowed to pass by a police checkpoint, it is best to ask the station chief to give you a stamped paper that attests to later police that you are a trustworthy tourist.

UPD: Oct 2013. As a solo female traveller I felt surprisingly safe hitchhiking between Berbera and Sheekh and Berbera and Hargeisa. Before leaving Hargeisa go to the police station and get a phone number of the chief officer so that you could call him if you're having troubles at checkpoints. Somaliland has quite a big wealthy community from foreign diasporas and they may actually give you a lift for free. But most of the time you are supposed to pay for a ride in a truck and most certainly for a ride in a minivan, so getting someone to give you a free ride might take a while... and it's hot. On the other hand, if you buy some khat (leaves that everyone chews here) and share it with locals, you can always talk your way through checkpoints and get free rides.


'Somalia' issued visa are not valid for Somaliland Republic.

Visas can be easily obtained at the Somaliland Liaison office in the neighbouring Addis Ababa or Djibouti for $40. Waiting time - 10 minutes.