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Flag of Puntland Puntland
Language: Somali
Capital: Garowe
Population: 2,700,000
Currency: Somali Shilling (SOS)
Hitchability: Senseless.png (senseless)
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Puntland is an Autonomous Republic situated in the northernmost corner of Somalia literally at the 'Horn' tip of Eastern Africa.

Puntland has its own government and manage its own institutions separately from Mogadishu since 1998, its capital is Garowe in the centre of the region while Boosaaso is the largest city located by the Gulf of Aden. A Puntland Visa is required to visit this tiny region which also remain torn and unstable by the Civil War afflicting the region.

Boosaaso (eng: Bosaso/Bosasso) has an international airport and actually act as the only 'city' for the whole region.

Situation and Advices

As of 2008-2009, the Republic of Puntland is also in conflictual tension with neighbour Somaliland regarding border dispute regarding the 'Sool' region. As well as the eastern coastal villages are abounding with piracy shelter despite Puntland government's effort to acquiesce the International Requests in that matter.

As of 2009, travelling throughout the Puntland countryside would be non-advisable as the situation remains dangerous due to the risk of kidnapping and clashes at the border area or with rival clans within the country. Foreigners to the area are to know that no foreign diplomatic representation are existing in neither Puntland, Somalia or neighbouring Somaliland, visitors to the region are usually made or representatives of various NGO's or International Institutions and travels under armed escort. Therefore, hitch-hiking would not be possible nor really authorised.

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