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Rēzekne is a city in Eastern Latvia. It is situated 242 km east of Riga, and 63 km west of the Latvian-Russian border, at the intersection of the MoscowRiga and WarsawSaint Petersburg highways. <map lat='56.54449762217068' lng='27.354540824890137' zoom='12' view='0' float='right' />

Hitching around

If you are coming from whatever direction and only catched a ride to Rēzekne, try to convince the driver to let you out at one of the roundabouts along the highway ring around the city. All roads to different directions (Pskov, Riga, Moscow, Daugavpils) have huge roundabouts which are perfect to hitchhike. Very good spots are the three roundabouts in the west and north of town, which have huge lighting systems and bus stops which are just perfect to hitchhike at night. Signs could be useful, as lots of TIR traffic passes here going to St. Petersburg, Moscow or whatever city you can imagine nearby.

Passing at night

Traffic towards Zilupe border crossing is pretty low, especially at night, as most Moscow bound traffic from Europe takes the shorter route through Belarus. Experience between 0 to 2 trucks per hour. Traffic towards St. Petersburg is much higher and it should be easy to catch a ride there. A clear, visible sign saying граница (border) or RUS helps a lot. The best spot to be dropped off is the roundabout at the A12/A13 crossing north of town (see map). You'll be visible all night long as there is sufficient light.