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Random Roads - Hitchhiking zine
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This page is about the people behind the Random Roads magazine. Whatever...

Why are we doing this?

  • Bringing awareness about alternative traveling lifestyles (to the "outside")
  • Empowering ourselfs / Empower yourself
  • give people courage/knowledge
  • enjoy life
  • give opportunities
  • increasing life's meaning
  • promote sustainability 0 convert the infidels
  • sustain "our" subculture
  • create a platform
  • provide examples for others
  • connecting the scene
  • communication
  • connect with like-minded people, attract them
  • plant an open source seed



  • Who: About
  • Where: Enschede, Netherlands
  • Why: Hitchhiking is freedom, hitchhiking is about the people, it's stories, about coincidence. Creating a pool for all the stories, good and bad things happening to hitchhikers, experiences, informations, stuff. From the community, for the community. Let's start it! Also, it's amazing that it's somehow possible to create a magazine out of a wiki, where everyone can participate, add his stories, influences, work!


  • Who: About
  • Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Why: On my bike one day I was brainstorming with myself what could be next. I just came back from an amazing meeting at 888 with 150 hitchhikers in Paris. There was clearly a revival of hitchhiking in Western Europe I realized and its subculture was growing. So I was thinking about what we could do with this and suddenly felt that an offline and online magazine would be perfect way of helping to sustain this subculture and to immediately help inspiring other people to hitchhike and to travel with little monetary resources, to promote sharing.
  • Desire: To have an active community supporting this magazine with changing editorial collectives, so that the magazine can continue regardless of the people who are involved.
  • Background: Have been a professional journalist before and somewhat a travel-writer. I've also been involved extensively in offline and online magazines before and have also set up a student newspaper. I have quite some experience in setting up new (working) groups and have been working in collectives/ activist groups in several countries.


  • Who: About
  • Where: Kiel, Germany
  • Why: because i love hitchhiking and a magazine is still missing in my backpack :)
  • Desire: getting a more active hitchhiking-culture, to spread the word of hitchhiking and its amazing stories, to share with others
  • what i'm doing: try some lay-out stuff, writing and collecting stories, telling people about hitchwiki and projects like 888, 789, mag and hitchraces


  • Who: About
  • Where: Everywhere around Scandinavia and Northern Europe, but not only
  • Why: I love both writing and hitchhiking.
  • Desire: Connecting with the growing and vibrant hitchhikers' community, spreading cross-cultural understanding and open-source and money-free lifestyles
  • Background: Linguistics and literature studies