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This page is used to be a checklist for the things that have to be done, are done or whatever has to be with doing.

Guide on using the Todo List

As you might see, there are several tasks to do. If you feel to do one of them, be free to do so. To avoid double work, it is also good to put your name behind the task you're doing at the moment. Just click on edit in the upper left corner of the todo box.

40px-Stock post message.png To-do list for Talk:Random Roads/Checklist:
  • Get media together (photos/ art/ comics) in high res.
  • Collect what's missing & write missing text
  • Publish pdf's for proofchecking. Finishing touches.
  • Send out. Collect money for printing issues.

  • Fix Website
    • Theme
    • Editorial Guidelines / How to submit
    • Add text to About/Content/etc.
  • Create and apply different categories
    • Category: used in Issue number whatever
    • Category: are planning on using for next issue
    • Category Random Roads General
  • Manual on proofreading
  • Fix Licence issue
  • Write down Guideline / ManiAfesto
  • Import other articles to drupal platform
  • Deciding what can be left out for this issue.
  • Select articles
  • Make a final layout proposal