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Nagoya is a city in Japan.

Hitchhiking out

Hitchhiking in Nagoya can be a difficult task due to the design of the highway entry.

There is a big intersection in Hongo (本後) (end of the yellow Higashiyama (東山) Line) but it is quite difficult to catch a ride there as the entry to the Highway is the further of the tree road and cars cannot stop.

The same problem exists with Horita in the loop line Meijo. There you have the Tomei Expressway that goes to Tokyo or Kansai. The way where the trucks circulate is further from the hitchhiker's position.

North/East towards Matsumoto, Nagano

Take the train to Tajimi station, from there it's a 30 minute walk to a medium-sized P.A.. It takes you up a hill with nice views and past a small nature preserve area. The P.A. is not closed off from the outside, and there's a restaurant.

East or West towards Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo

Last verified: March 2017

Take the train to Fujimatsu 富士松 station. From the station head North to the main road (289) then east along it until you see the expressway. Along the route you'll see a big Ferris wheel, that's your destination. Turn right and follow the expressway until you are opposite the big wheel then pass under the expressway using the tunnel provided.

This is a huge rest stop with plenty of people stopping for the bathroom, food or amusements. Look on the PA map to find the exit you need for each direction. We were picked up in five minutes before we could even finish our sign by a family going from Tokyo to Kobe

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