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Mtirala is a national park in Georgia. It might be the rainiest place in the entire country - a green paradise, perfect for a short hiking trip!

Hitchhiking out

West towards Batumi / Kobuleti

Mtirala is located at a dead end - take the main road along the coast connecting North and South and turn towards East in Chakvi. Via Chakvistavi, you will reach the national park (about 2-3 hours walking distance from Chakvistavi to the National Park Administration Centre). Sometimes, Georgians will come for a day trip to the Administration Centre, so they might take you back to Chakvistavi, though you might miss the amazing walk along the river. From Chakvistavi, you can either hitchhike (not a lot of traffic, especially not in the evening), or catch a local marshrutka (mini bus) to get to Chakvi. Once in Chakvi, leave the car/bus at the crossroad of the main road (lots of traffic at any time of the day) and continue your trip either North or South.

Accommodation and Sleep

You will have to register at the National Park Administration Centre before entering any of the trails. You can camp directly at the Centre for 5 GEL per person (info from 2016), use their bathroom facilities, and fireplaces next to the river. The trails have several marked camping areas where you may put your tent.

Other useful info

Waterproof clothing and equipment is a must. But what is more important - take protection against insects, especially ticks! Buy all your food before leaving Chakvi as there are no significant shops in Chakvistavi or at the National Park Administration Centre. The people at the centre are very helpful, though you will have to speak some Russian or Georgian or find someone to translate for you. They will provide you with advice on the hiking routes and a map.