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Kobuleti is a city in Georgia. It is a rather small, seaside town that is crowded during the summer and almost deserted between September-June. Many Georgians come here to enjoy the sunny days of the summer. It is a very nice place if you just want to relax for a bit and avoid the touristic hustle of the rather 'commercial' city of Batumi. The water is also nicer than in Batumi and the beach has small stones.

Hitchhiking out

Towards South, Batumi

If you're going to Batumi (or South in general): Go to the central bus station and then follow the main road out of the centre. This might take you a while. If you see a Marshrutka (minibus) with a number, you may stop it (raise your arm) at any point and use it to leave the city before trying to catch cars to Batumi.

Towards North, Tbilisi

If you're trying to go to Tbilisi (or North in general, since transit traffic is not allowed in Kobuleti): Go to the general bus station and follow the road to your left (upon facing the station). Shortly after the turn, you will be able to hitchhike.

Towards Griogleti

If you want to leave the city via Griogleti (then Poti etc.), you need to follow the main road from the centre along the coast until the houses stop. You might try to stop cars near the gas stations or catch a marshrutka (a minibus) to get you out of the center.

Towards Mtirala

If you're planning to visit Mtirala (highly recommended!), try to hitchhike to Chakvi (direction of Batumi) and then take a local Marshrutka to Chakvistavi (the traffic between Chakvi and Chakvistavi is rather thin). There are signs (in Latin writing) indicating the road to the national park.

Hitchhiking in

The city is spread along the coast, so you be sure not to leave your hitchhiked car too early because you might have to walk for ages until you reach the centre. If you are looking for a place to set up a tent, make sure to stay in the Northern part, as you will find a great area for camping at the beach.

Accommodation and Sleep

Upon entering the city from direction Poti, you can find a lot of free camping space with grass and some shadow between the road and the beach on your right side shortly after passing through Grigoleti. Lots of Georgians camp here as well and it is perfectly acceptable. Inside the town, you should avoid camping directly at the beach.

Even in the summer, some local bazaars might close early. Supermarkets, like the Nikora at the central place in Kobuleti, are open 24/7. You will find many restaurants, often in hotels, with traditional Georgian food and several bars.

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