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Flag of Mozambique Mozambique
Language: Portuguese
Capital: Maputo
Population: 23,000,000
Currency: Mozambican metical
Paved roads: 5,685 km (19%)
Hitchability: <rating country='mz' />
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Mozambique is a country in southern Africa. Outside of major cities, mostly Maputo, it is very hitchhiker friendly! Hitching is a common way to get around in Mozambique. Most often along the main North/South thorough-fare from Maputo, you can catch a ride on the back of trucks or bakkies. Pick-ups and minibuses specialized in carrying people are known as chapas, whereas the big trucks often go by the name Freight Liner. Drivers generally ask for some money to contribute to petrol or the like, but some are happy for you to hop on the back. Mozambicans drive on the left side of the road.

Few people speak English, so communication may be minimal unless you know Portuguese or one of the local languages. Just beware the wicked sun on the back of trucks for long stretches and hold on during parts of the highway where the roads are not so good. Landmines leftover from the long civil war are no longer a problem in most areas but don't be silly enough to ignore warning signs unless locals assure you that its ok.


A lot of people expect monetary compensation for the ride. Best thing is to clear things up before entering a car.

The main north - south highway has less and less traffic the further north you go.


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