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The roads are paved all the way and there is enough traffic on the road. Hitchhike all the way from far North (North Cape or Kinnarodden) down to the South (Cape of Good Hope or Cape Agulhas)!

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Sea Crossing

Interesting are the board and ferry parts from Iran to UAE and from Yemen to Djibouti.


Figuring out the right time to go might be hard. In Europe Winter might be harder to hitchhike and in Africa the rain season.

Personal experiences from alex for the part till Yemen: Winter and the cold haven't been a problem for me, but rain was (especially coming from a region where I haven't had rain for months). Even though it was fine to travel during (European) winter, I think it is more fun to travel when it is not too cold and days are longer as this gives you more time on the road and also flexibility as you can just end up somewhere (and/or pitch your tent). This was only possible for me on the Arabian Peninsula, however, it might be too hot there during summer time. Further information about taking a ferry to Djibouti from Yemen and about hitchhiking in Ethiopia was posted recently ( The route up from South Africa I have traveled some years ago (as many others did), Augustas has traveled this part of the world some years ago too and hitchhiked all the way down from Ethiopia to South Africa (


It should easily be possible to cover the distance from the North Cape to Yemen in about 21 days. Additional time has to be added when the sea crossings are hitched as well. From Djibouti it should be possible to cross Ethiopia in five, Kenya in three, Tanzania in two to three, Mozambique in around five and South Africa in two... voila... in not even 60 days from the North to the South. However, it is recommendable to spend more time along the way...


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