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<map lat='47.99405740916722' lng='10.159950256347656' zoom='12' view='3' float='right' />
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Bavaria.png
Population: 41,118
Licence plate: MN
Major roads: Bundesautobahn 7 number.svg Bundesautobahn 96 number.svg
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Memmingen is small town in the German state Bavaria. It is quite rural, but sits on an important motorway junction, and has an airport with ever growing traffic.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Munich, Augsburg Bundesautobahn 96 number.svg

The best spot (and perhaps the only one) to hitchhike to Munich is on the Memmingen-Ost on-ramp, situated at the edge of town. To get there walk from the center on the Münchner Str. for 1 kilometer till you reach the on-ramp. Then turn right where the traffic turns for direction of München, and hitchhike there while standing on the grass on the side. There is not a great place for the cars to stop, but they can always stop on the grass or stop for a second on the road if there is not much traffic. It's best to hold a M for Munich or AU for Augsburg sign.

From the airport you should use the same spot, it's only a bit more to walk (around 2.5km).

West towards Ulm Bundesautobahn 7 number.svg, Lindau Bundesautobahn 96 number.svg

The same spot to go out to west is on-ramp. But in case you're going to west you should cross the Autobahn under the bridge and take spot near turn off onto the rural road, where cars can stop and pick up you.