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Hitchhiking Out

South towards Feldkirch(A) Innsbruck (A) Autostrada A14 Italia.svg E 64 Vaduz(FL) Schaan (FL) Autostrada A13 Italia.svg E 43 Switzerland Italy A 13 E 43

Raststation Bondensee Hörbranz This is a large rest area which includes a parkplatz and a charging station with a lot of traffic. To arrive there is little difficult but not impossible. From the Lindao-Reutin Banhof take the bus Number 5 durection Grenzsiedlung/Zech and alight at Versöhnerkirche (4 stops,possible to walk).From the bus stop,turn left onto the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Straße and walk on the road until you see a small foot path adjacent to the river Leiblach. Take the footpath and walk for a few minutes until you reach a spot under the motorway. There's a staircase on the left,mount up unto the bridge and turn right and you'll arrive at the rest area. Kwasi got a ride to Switzerland in 20 minutes,you can either talk to drivers or take a position with a sign.

North and east towards München Nürnberg A 96 To go in the opposite direction,2 ways exist,either at the same spot described for the south(many cars heading for the northeast come here to the rest area and there is an exit road to connect the motorway to München,a lot of space for cars to stop),or continue on the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Straße to cross the motorway to the other side where there is a tansktelle

East towards Munich

The A 96 starts in Lindau and ends in Munich. There are a couple of junctions for the A 96in Lindau and both are possible to hitch near but the one closest to the lake, on the B12, and closest to the Austrian border is the best as there is an Aral gas station where you can ask people for a ride (there is also a McDonalds across the road). There is a roundabout before the highway so all traffic has to come through very slowly. It is possible to stand there by the exit - maybe with a sign indicating the direction. Be prepared to get in quickly as there is no bay for cars to stop safely, they will simply stop as they reach the roundabouts exit and you can jump in.