Lake Louise

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Lake Louise
<map lat="51.43634999999974" lng="-116.19406000000298" zoom="12" view="0"/>
Flag of Canada
State: [[Alberta]]
Population: 1,041
Licence plate: AB
Major roads: Hwy-1, Hwy-1A, Hwy-93
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Lake Louise, Alberta is a small hamlet, and ski resort, in Banff National Park. Be prepared with enough supplies, because the town is small, and the prices are inflated by tourism.

Hitching out

Getting around in the Rockies is quite easy. The Trans-Can has lots of traffic, but wait times are going to be hit or miss, because there is a lot of tourism in the area. From town, its about an 1km walk to the Highway 93 overpass.

North towards Saskatchewan River Crossing, Jasper on Hwy-93

Head North out of town. Along the the Trans-Can there are concrete dividers running along the Highway so hitch hiking a long the way will be difficult, and dangerous. Half way to the Hwy-93 exit, there is an "Wildlife Overpass" so 'be careful. There is lots of traffic, and no pedestrian crossing. Once you are at the Hwy-93 interchange there will not be THAT much traffic, but chances are you get picked up.

If you are wanting to go to Jasper then you may want to hold out for a ride that goes all the way to Jasper. the only settlement between Lake Louise, and Jasper is "Saskatchewan River Crossing", and all that is really there is a gas station, a hotel (that charges 180$ a night), and the beginning of Hwy-11 to Rocky Mountain House, and Red Deer.

West toward Golden, Kamloops, on (Hwy-1)

The Trans-Can continues West from the Hwy-93 exit, but it would be smarter to simply hitch from Lake Louise. heading in that direction you will pass a small settlement named Trail. It is beautiful, but there aren't many services, and you are better off passing through.

East towards Banff, Calgary on (Hwy-1)

Best to start early as many people commute to Calgary.

Accommodation and Sleep

there is a lot of natural woodland in the area, but there is also a lot of wildlife. Animal attacks do make it into the news every so often so be smart. There are don't keep food where you sleep, and take all necessary precautions.

Other useful info