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<map lat="51.30042200000023" lng="-116.96764600000021" zoom="12" view="0"/>
Flag of Canada
State: [[British Columbia]]
Population: 4,200
Licence plate: BC
Major roads: Hwy-1, Hwy-95
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Golden, BC is a small town nestled in the Rocky Mountain Trench. The area can be pretty treacherous in the winter, and during the summer there is a lot of road construction. The area is really beautiful. Golden is located at the northern edge of the Kootenay Region which can be easily accessed via Hwy-95.

Hitching out

East to Lake Louise (Calgary) on Hwy-1

West to Revelstoke (Kamloops) on Hwy-1

Hitchhiking the Trans-Can out of golden, in both directions is made pretty easy by the fact that there is quite a bit of commercial frontage, with service roads on both sides of the Highway.

South to Radium Hot Springs (Cranbrook) on Hwy 95

Other useful info

Accommodation and Sleep


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