Lajes das Flores

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Lajes das Flores
<map lat="39.37957790229438" lng="-31.176137100220217" zoom="13" view="3" float="right" />
Flag of Azores
State: Flores
Population: 540
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Lajes das Flores is a town on the Azorean island of Flores (Portugal). It is also the seat of a municipality of the same name that makes up the southern half of the entire island. Ferries that connect Flores with Corvo and Faial leave from Lajes.

Hitching out

Lajes is small, so walking out along the main roads with your thumb works well enough. Once you're inside a car, it is not uncommon that drivers will drive you directly to your destination, even if it is a bit remote. Beware of drunk drivers though!

West towards Lajedo

When walking out of Lajes, make sure you really follow the main road to have sufficient traffic passing by. If you have time, walk to the beach at Fajã de Lopo Vaz towards the southwest (you could hitchhike only a small distance, most of the way you can only walk anyway).

North towards Lomba, Lagens, Caveira, Santa Cruz das Flores

Just walk out of town north along the main road and try hitchhiking with every car passing by.


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