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<map lat="39.45483896632921" lng="-31.1979446411121" zoom="11" view="3" float="right" height='400' width='350'/>
Flag of Portugal
State: [[Azores]]
Population: 3,900
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Flores is one of the nine islands that form the Azores archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. It is the main island of the Western group of the Azores and is known for being the westernmost part of Europe. The name Flores means flowers in Portuguese, which tells a lot about the vegetation of this island. It is divided into two main municipalities: Santa Cruz das Flores and Lajes das Flores.


Flores is a small island, so hitchhiking is quite easy. Many people will drive you straight to your destination, even if they hadn't planned going there. Most roads are in a very good shape, although walking along them can be tiring due to the mountainous landscape. The weather is not very stable, so getting wet while waiting is quite likely. However, rain usually doesn't last very long. There is no public transport.

How to get there

Flores can be reached on sailing boats, but it is not a popular destination for sailors. Most people get there by ferry or airplane from the other islands of the Azores. There are no direct connections to mainland Portugal. See useful information for tips on saving money when taking a ferry. Ferries to Corvo and Faial leave from Lajes, while the airport is located in Santa Cruz. Ferries going to the Central group only run in summer and are sometimes cancelled due to bad weather.

Useful information

As on all of the islands of the archipelago, there are many walking trails. Take trail PR4FLO to Fajã de Lopo Vaz at the southern part of the island for having a free shower at a very nice beach. There is free internet in the public library of Lajes.

Flag of the Azores Islands of the Azores

Western Group: FloresCorvo

Central Group: FaialPicoSão JorgeGraciosaTerceira

Eastern Group: São MiguelSanta Maria