Königs Wusterhausen

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Königs Wusterhausen
<map lat='52.3' lng='13.61' zoom='11' view='0' />
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Brandenburg.png
Population: 33,400
Licence plate: LDS
Major roads: A10, A13
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Königs Wusterhausen (by the locals often only called KW) is a town just south-east of Berlin in the federal state Brandenburg. The motorways A10 (Berliner Ring), and the A13 are very close to the town.

Hitchhiking out

East, West, Berliner Ring (A10, Potsdam, Magdeburg, Frankfurt/Oder, Warsaw)

Try to absolutely avoid the A10-ramp Königs Wusterhausen (see red thumb on the map). There is much traffic but no space for the cars to pull over, even if a driver wants to stop he will probably not do it, because he can risk an accident there. Due to that your waiting time can be very long there.

The better option can be to hitch from the Potsdamer Straße - Chausseestraße in the center of KW via Ragow to a small village called Brusendorf. From there it is a 1km walk to the service station Am Fichtenplan Nord/Süd (see green thumb on the map), which is already on the A10.

North and South (Berlin City center, Cottbus, Dresden)

Also hitch or walk from the center to the ramp Ragow on the A13 (its 5 km) and then try your luck there.