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Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Brandenburg.png
Population: 103,837 (31 Dec 2006)
Licence plate: CB
Major roads: A15
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Cottbus is a city in the German Bundesland Brandenburg. It's located in the east of Germany.

The motorway A15 passes in the south, going from Forst at the Polish border to meet the the A13 (DresdenBerlin) at Dreieck Kleskow.

Hitchhiking out

North, North-West towards Berlin

Stand at the western entry to the motorway A15 south of Cottbus. You get there with Thiemstraße, the big road that goes south from central station (you can take tram #1 to its final station Schleife Thiemstraße or alternatively the #4 till Saarbrücker Straße). At the tram station Schleife Thiemstraße go into the Saarbrücker Straße to the right, that leads you to the motorway entrance after leaving the town. Most traffic towards Berlin is going through here and over the Dreieck Kleskow on the A13. Also if you want to get more west in the northern part of Germany you may want to take this way and try your luck getting around the big city at the service station on the way to Berlin and try to get on the A2 that runs west a little south of Berlin.

South, West towards Dresden

Same as above but don't take the motorway. Instead stay on the road that goes on past the motorway to the direction of Drebkau. The traffic that goes to the A13 south towards Dresden takes that way through Drebkau and Neupetersdorf and joins the A13 at the ramp Großräschen.

East towards Forst, Poland

Follow the Dresdener Straße out of the city center that leads you straight to the motorway ramp Cottbus-Ost (Cottbus-East). You may take tram #4 to the final station Sachsendorf where the motorway entrance is very near. There you get most traffic that goes eastwards to Forst and there over the border to Poland.

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