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As of 2007 there is no official organization taking care of Hitchwiki. The site is hosted by MrTweek, who also pays for the domain name hitchwiki.org. In the long run it would be good to pass on the responsibility and costs to an official European non-profit organization.

Some possibilities:

Abgefahren e.v.

Abgefahren would generally agree to take over the responsibility of hitchwiki and since MrTweek became their webmaster, this would not change anything for the page itself and their users. However, MrTweek wants the users to agree with it. So if anybody has arguments against that (or questions, of course), please leave a note here, or on the Talk Page or send a message to MrTweek.

I think it would be nice and would give the wiki sustainability on the long run, but I can only speak biased, as a founder of Abgefahren e.V.. The aim of the club is to improve and promote hitchhiking as a secure alternative way of traveling, in order to bring travelers and "locals" in touch and increase intercultural understanding therewith. The club is happy to support hitchhiking related projects and to function as platform for such (e.g. hitchbase; youth exchanges, seminars & trainings; conferences & gatherings; guidebooks). The club has an official non-profit status and a democratic structure. --Alex 15:51, 11 September 2007 (CEST)


Fabzgy started a Thread on the BeVolunteer Forum (not public available)

BV assumes that: HitchWiki wants to be under the roof of a NGO, and being hosted.

How can we do this?

Option 1:

  • as a project of BV (BeHitchHiker (BeHH) or whatever)
    • the BeHH project is managed however it wants but with subordination to BV BoD.
    • HW content is integrated to BW - communities (Part of the travelguide), etc - but still exist as independent wiki

Option 2:

  • as a "partner" of BV.
    • they stay independant, we dont care about their decisions
    • we set a "contract" defining guidelines which both partners can break (it allows the independence)
    • HW content is integrated to BW, but also they have their wiki on their side
    • we host them on a side of our servers

BV assumes that HW would prefer the option 2, but in such case how can we take them under the legal roof of Bevolunteer?

HW = Hitchwiki BV = BeVolunteer BW = BeWelcome BeHH = one possible internal project name in Be Volunteer

Discussion -> Talk Page....


I think they will handle the spanish wiki, but i'm not sure. SAn? --MrTweeksite, wikitalk 18:54, 15 September 2007 (CEST)

AutostopWiki is behind the wings of AutostopArgentina, the Argentinian comunity of hitchhikers. The community needed a section to share all the hitchhiking content. But we try not to dedicate only to Argentinian information. In this way we are trying to colaborate with this great project that is Hitchwiki.org, any Spanish content will be welcome! --SAnsite, wikitalk



Any news on this? --Alex 18:08, 6 April 2008 (CEST)

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