Hitchhikers Meeting 2008-11-29

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The German hitchhikers Society abgefahren e.V. invites any hitchhiker to a hitchhikers meeting on Saturday, 29th November 2008, in Enschede, Netherlands.

Enschede is located directly at the German border and is easy to reach from most directions. It has a direct connection with the A1 (Netherlands) and the German A30 (Germany) as part of the main route Amsterdam-Berlin.

There will be some workshops and we are planning to work on some projects for abgefahren and hitchwiki. You are welcome to add your own ideas/projects/whatever.

The event is of course also a place to get in touch with fellow hitchhikers, so for that the meeting will take place in a students bar on the campus of the University of Twente. A beer there is 1,10 EUR and they have little snacks as well. Next to it, we rented a little cinema there for holding the meeting on Saturday all day long. In the evening there are plans to show a hitchhiking-related movie, including (some) drinks afterwards.

People who arrive earlier, for example on Friday, can see the student bar on the campus as well as a contact point. Platschi will be there for sure on Friday evening, so just ask the barkeeper for Ralf. Bar opens at 10 pm on Friday!

For any discussions, questions and contact, feel free to use the hitchwiki forum! You can ask either in Dutch, English or German, as you like it.


For hitchhiking towards Enschede, check out the Enschede and Oldenzaal article for more information. Maybe, if you come via Germany's A33, it might be interesting to read information on how to hitch out of Gronau towards Enschede. Other options might be via Hengelo.

Within the city

If you got into the city of Enschede, you can eather walk or hitch towards the campus of the University, or take bus line #1 towards Universiteit. This one costs 1,20 Eur, and you have to get out at the stop UT/Bastille. The ride will take some 15 minutes because of roadworks at the moment, so don't get nervous when the bus is riding along the campus, then driving away from it and later on passing the campus again. If you got out at UT/Bastille, walk over the parking area to the big building behind the football field, called Bastille. Just in front of you you will find some steel stairs, walk up there and you're in front of the door of the Vestingbar. Get in there and ask the barkeeper for Ralf, if you can't find us immediately.


  • Please organize your own place to stay overnight. There are several options, though:
    • Option 1: Well, it might be possible to do some camping on the Campus itself, but it might be quite cold end november. If you plan to do so, ask the security guys before if it is okay. There's also a camping site some 1,5 km away from the University, just between Enschede and Hengelo.
    • Option 2: In Enschede can be found many members of hospitality exchange networks, try your luck there, you might find many students living on the campus there.
    • Option 3: Another option is to make friends that saturday evening on the campus and stay with students in their flats on the university ground.

Important information for the route