Dyakove-Halmeu border crossing

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Dyakove-Halmeu border crossing
<map lat='47.983947' lng='23.010864' zoom='11' view='0' />
Countries: Flag of Romania Romania | Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Type: Road
Motorway: E 81

The Dyakove-Halmeu border crossing connects the northwest of Romania at the village of Halmeu to the southwest of Ukraine at the village of Dyakove.

Walking across this border is not permitted. One must find a car. The border guards may be able to help with this if you walk up and ask to cross. The guards on the Romanian side typically speak English, Romanian and Hungarian, while the Ukrainian guards speak Russian, Hungarian, and Ukrainian. If the guards refuse to find a car for you, on both sides of the border there's plenty of room to stand a few meters down the road where one can hold a sign.

Hitching out

Into Romania

Most cars crossing into Romania are bound for the town Satu Mare, turning right at the first big intersection on the motorway a few minutes from the border. For the direction Baia Mare, ask to be dropped off at this intersection and find a car turning left.

Into Ukraine

The road from the border leads past a Ukraine-Hungary border crossing and through the towns Vilkovo and Berekovo before reaching the regional center of Mukachevo.