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<map lat='48.445' lng='22.7236' zoom='12' view='3' />

Mukachevo (Ukrainian: Мукачево) is a city in southwestern Ukraine

Hitching out

Northwest towards Uzhgorod, northeast towards Lviv (M06)

In the northeast there is a junction where one can hitchhike in either direction on the M06. There is a lot of space for cars to pull over, and stopping a truck is quite easy.

South towards Romania (M24)

You can thumb a few hundred meters south of where the M24 road goes over the railroad tracks. All traffic leaving the town passes through here. This road will take you through the town of Berehove, past a minor border crossing to Hungary, and enters Romania at the Dyakove-Halmeu border crossing.

Southeast towards Xust, Romania

This road ultimately enters Romania at the H09 Sighetu Marmației-Solotvyno border crossing.

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