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Service station Cobham Services South
in England at motorway M 25
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Cobham Services South is a Service Station in England.

Cobham Services is a motorway service area on the M25 motorway. The services were constructed as there was concern with the large 104 km (65 mile) gap without any service areas. At either end of the 65 mile stretch of motorway was South Mimms services and Clacket Lane services, The Secretary of State explained there was a clear and compelling need for a further service area. Cobham is now the UK's largest service station, having overtaking Beaconsfield services.

You can get there by public transport - take the train from London Waterloo or Guildford to Effingham Junction. Turn left out of the station, and right at the crossroads. After 20 minutes walk, cross a field on the left (if you get to the dog centre you've gone to far), and you get right to the services. As a big services, you should normally find a lift quickly, however, the train does take a while.

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