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Cali (Colombia)
<map lat="3.420556" lng="-76.522222" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Colombia
State: Valle del Cauca
Population: 2,294,653
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Cali (full name: Santiago de Cali) is a city in Colombia.

Hitching out

North towards Pereira, Medellin, Eje Cafetero

Go to the terminal and take a bus that is going towards the airport. It will cost you some 6000 Colombian pesos, or 3 USD. It will go by a pay toll where you will get off and try hitching.

  • You can also go to "terminalito" from where buses go for the short distances, and the ticket will cost you 2000-3000 pesos to the "peaje"

South towards Popayan, Pasto, Ipiales

There are buses running from the center of the city to the University area in the south the MIO buses which have their own lanes and bus stops in the center of the road. Just take the bus which goes furthest south (the last stop is called University if I remember right). Take one of these and get off at the last stop. Continue walking south beside the motorway and you will reach a petrol station or just hitchhike anywhere with space for a car to pull in. Its advisable to get off at a peaje and try get a truck as little traffic other than trucks take the long road through mountains to Ipiales.

Hitching in


The stations for the Mio (rapid transit buses) are only manned at one end. Walk from the opposite end along the outside of the window (bus side) to where you can reach through the door and push a button to open it (the doors on the end don't close all the way), letting you onto the platform. Ticket controls do not appear to be common, though watch out for transit police in the stations.

Places to avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

Other useful info

For a good time with open-minded people and folk drummers go to Colina San Antonio, or the general neighborhood of San Antonio, to have some beers and smoke with good people.