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Ipiales is a town in Colombia on the border with Ecuador. It is the most popular border between the countries for both traffic and goods.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Pasto, Popayan, Medellin, Bogota

One can try at the border to ask for rides, but it is really hard to find anything that goes past Ipiales. Try to get to the roundabout north of Ipiales where the "Monumento del Choclo" is (which is not a statue people know, but your map might). From there walk to the gas stations or try at the side of the road. [[User:MOAH|Mind of a Hitchhiker stood at this gas station for a good two hours, both thumbing and asking drivers, before she got a ride going to Pasto. The road to Pasto is already quite challenging and tiring for drivers and takes a long time, so don't be too ambitious with the distance!

South towards Ecuador (Ibarra, Otavalo, Quito)

Please add info for getting across the border southward

Accommodation and Sleep

Other useful info