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Bourgogne is a region in France.

<map lat="47.24945456521" lng="4.233215689647" zoom="8" view="0" float="right" width="600" height="700" />

name of the departement ID main city other important cities
Côte-d'Or 21 Dijon Beaune
Nièvre 58 Nevers
Saône-et-Loire 71 Mâcon Autun, Chalon-sur-Saône
Yonne 89 Auxerre Sens

North/South between Dijon and Beaune

There are many wine producers between these cities. During the grape harvest (les vendanges) this area comes alive. Hitchhiking between the villages on route D974 is easy and the locals are friendly and curious about hitchhikers and travellers. The route also passes through the centre of the charming but somewhat bourgeois town of Nuits-Saint-Georges.