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Bretagne (English: Brittany, Breton: Breizh) is a region of in the north-west of France. It's the only region where the motorways are free as a result there are no toll station in Bretagne. It is one of the best regions of France for hitchhiking - you'll probably wait less on average than in the rest of France.

Bretagne is still very attached to its celtic culture, as you'll no doubt notice on road signs, which are bilingual in French and Breton (Brezhoneg). To wait even less, it can be a good idea, if you're using a sign, to write the city name in Breton instead of French (Roazhon instead of Rennes, Naoned instead of Nantes, Kemper instead of Quimper, etc.)

If you're having trouble hitching, the intercity buses within Brittany are really cheap (I can't find the prices online, but in 2011, it was only 2€ to go from Quimper to Roscoff and similar distances - approximately 100km).

<map lat="48.071932177581" lng="-2.8" zoom="8" view="0" width="800" height="500" />

name of the departement ID main city other important cities
Côtes-d'Armor 22 Saint Brieuc Dinan, Guingamp, Lannion
Finistère 29 Quimper Brest, Châteaulin, Concarneau, Morlaix
Ille-et-Vilaine 35 Rennes Dol de Bretagne, Fougères, Redon, Saint-Malo
Morbihan 56 Vannes Lanester, Lorient, Pontivy