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They say that every Breton has the soul of a traveller, but that when far away from their homeland, they always bring a bit of their country with them.

I for one very much agree with this statement, I am a traveller in my soul but always travel with my Gwenn ha Du (Breton flag) on my backpack. I have already hitchhiked through Brittany and Alsace, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, my next travel plan is to make a big trip to visit all the celtic-speaking nations (Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Scottland, Isle of Man and Ireland) and to achieve all this trip mainly hitchhiking (except maybe for crossing the seas). I also use a lot, in oder to meet local people and learn more about the local culture and to reduce the cost of my travels. My goal is to travel in the most countries that I can without taking the plane, because I want to make my travels as eco-friendly as I can.

In my life, I have lived in Rennes, Caen and Strasbourg in France, and Essen in Germany. I have travelled to Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Austria.