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Elsa and Amylin in Blenheim, hitching to Nelson

Blenheim is a town in New Zealand's South Island. There are a lot of roundabouts.

If you're coming from the ferry in Picton and heading to Nelson you might want to go through Blenheim instead of taking the much slower and more beautiful Queen Charlotte Drive.

North towards Picton

It is super easy to hitch to Picton. The side of the road on the northern edge of town is wide enough for cars to stop and cars are moving slowly.

South towards Kaikora/Christchurch/Dunedin

This is the direction that causes Bleheim to be widly known in the hitching community as "Hitchhikers Hell". In the hot summer DO NOT WALK PAST the last houses on the way out of town - if you don't get picked up you will run out of water!! I once got stuck here for 48 hours...

West toward Nelson or St Arnard

Easy hitch.