Ártánd-Borş border crossing

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The Ártánd-Borş border crossing joins Hungary with Romania (near the town of Oradea). It lies on European Route 79/60. In Romania this route is national road 190, while in Hungary it is national road 42.

Hitching out

East into Romania

The border crossing is only about 10-15 km from Oradea, and the majority of cars are going there. However, with a sign "CJ" you can find a lift directly to Cluj-Napoca from the border.

West into Hungary

At the border you can stay right behind the passport check, where the cars don't start to accelerate yet. Right where the lanes merge. The presence of the officers makes drivers feel secure. The restaurants and the insurance kiosks have a much "darker" look. It is not worth to walk there.

There is no motorway straight to Budapest, so you will have to travel on national road 42 until Püspökladány, where it joins national road 4. If you prefer going faster, just hitchhike to Berettyóújfalu (about 25 km from the border), and than hitch on national road number 47/E79, direction Debrecen, where you can then take the motorway M35 and later M3.

Drivers going from the border to Budapest may be going further to Vienna or Italy and will leave you on the Budapest ring road, the M0. The ring road is still far from Budapest center, and you will probably need to take local buses and trains (up to three depending on the exit you take on M0, and the time you get there).