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Zhangjiajie is a city in Hunan province in the southeast of China and also the name of a national park. The name Zhangjiajie will mostly refer to this national park.

City is nearby to Tianmen mountain and the region is very touristic.

Hitching Out

East towards Changsha

You should take the east exit that goes to Wulingyuan District. Go through the city and take the second bridge you will cross one your right (about 1 to 2km walking). Cross the bridge, and on the roundabout, take left to the est. You can hitchhike there. There is space to stop and people will go in the right direction.

Zhangjiajie National park

This park is a really beautiful place that inspired James Cameron for the movie Avatar. This place is rather really touristic. The best time of the year to go there, is between September and November. It's not too cold, not too hot. Just avoid Chinese national holiday when there are usually much more people than usually.

Hitching In

So usually you will easily find somebody that can directly drive you to the national park.

By bus

If you end up in the city instead the national park, you can take a bus from the city of Zhangjiajie. You should just go to the bus station. This one is located near the tourism office and you will find all the information you need as well you can get a free map of the park. Bus trip will cost around 12 yuan (2017) and takes between 30min and 1h depending on the entrance you choose.

Sleeping indoors at the park

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Contrary to what one think, the place is full of abandonned place where you can sleep. I found for example an bunch of abandonned house with a room with hay: perfect to sleep !

But the best place ever will be Yuanjiajie international Youth Hostel (it can be located on some map). It is an abandonned hostel where you will find mattress, pillow, bed sheet, comforter and everything you need to spend a good night. From all my trip, it's probably the best abandonned place I saw. The hostel is in Yuanjiajie area, close to the Mihun bus station. If you are there, take the road to the west. You will see it from the road (you can see that on the picture). It is just near a bus station so you can really easily go there to sleep and after waking up.

Once there, go to the back, there is a back door which is open. Once inside, you can open the front door. You will find inside the keys of the rooms. Please take care of this place. It is pretty unique, we want it to stay clean.

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