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Flag of China
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Changsha (长沙) is the capital city of Hunan province in China.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Wuhan, Beijing

  • G4 Highway option 1: It is easy to get to the on-ramp near the Changsha Avenue metro station (长沙大道) and there is space for cars to pull over and enough chance for them to see you. The 'no pedestrians' sign is up on the on-ramp fairly close to the tollgate. Tollgate staff seem indifferent. Unfortunately no cars stopped for me with a Wuhan sign either before or on the on-ramp. Perhaps most cars stay on the S40 rather than going straight onto the G4.
  • G4 Highway option 2: "Changsha Service Area" (长沙服务区) is located right next to Dongsheng Road bus terminal (东升路公交首末站) on the G4. Several bus routes go to this terminal: 203, 503, 703, Xing Tong 1 (星通1), and Xing Tong 26 (星通26).

There are no staff entry gates on either side of the expressway and all walls are topped with barbed wire. However, just north of the depot is a hotel with access from both the street and the service area. If you are bold you might try just walking through and you can come up the stairs between a restaurant and the restrooms. I asked permission to go to the service area and they said no.

Instead, walk a few hundred metres further north and there is a large flower market on the left. Cross the road and there is a concrete ramp for cars coming the other way to go under the busy road and come up at the back of the flower market. At the low end there is an opening you can walk through and another onto the expressway. To the right is the tollgate, walk left a few hundred metres and you can enter the service area where the vehicles exit. Staff are either friendly or indifferent. It's possible to get a ride after dark.

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