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Zgorzelec is a city in Poland, forming a twin-city with Görlitz in Germany.

<map lat="51.164014363012114" lng="15.060065966310262" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Poland
Coat of arms of Lower Silesian (Voivodeship).png
Lower Silesian (Voivodeship)
Population: 33,278
Licence plate: DZG
Major roads: A 4
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Hitching out

East towards Wrocław and West towards Dresden, Leipzig A 4

Walk north on road 30 towards the A4 and hitch from the desired on-ramp.

If you're looking for a long distance ride into Germany, it might be worth it to catch a short ride on the A4 towards Wrocław, get dropped off on the first petrol station, Żarska Wieś (after 6km), and change directions using the bridge over the highway. From here it will be easy to find a long ride.

East towards Jelenia Góra 30

Get to the roundabout Rondo Solidarności, with the streets Armii Krajowej and Słowiańska. Hitch straight after the roundabout in eastern direction.

South towards Liberec, Prague

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