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Görlitz is the most eastern city in Germany. Right through the city flows the river Neiße which marks the german-polish border. On the other side of the river, Görlitz borders to the city Zgorzelec. Before the borders were readjusted after WW2 Zgorzelec and Görlitz used to be one city.

Hitching out:

West towards Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin and Chemnitz and east towards Wroclaw, Katowice, Krakow, Warsaw

A4 Highway ramp:

Option 1: Take bus 138 towards Niesky and get off at the busstop "Hornbach, Görlitz". Follow the bus in the direction of travel and turn right after about 100m when you hit the main road. Follow that road for about 400m until you reach a roundabout. There is a wide cycling path next to the road. Take the first exit of the roundabout. It is the ramp leading on the highway A4. You'll find a perfect spot just after roughly 50m where the cars can easily stop. Only a couple hundred meters after that spot the highway ramp splits up and the cars go either east towards Poland or west towards Dresden, Leipzig etc. All the traffic which goes on the highway has to pass you and as the the roundabout is only 50m away the drivers can easily spot you from a distance and are driving relatively slow. It never took me longer than 15-20min to be picked up.

Once i've been walking there from the city center and it took me roughly 1h.

Option 2: If you don't want to take and bus and if you don't want to walk to far you can also try you luck at the bus stop "Zeppelinstrasse" next to the main hospital of Görlitz. It is located directly after a traffic light so the cars that drive by see you from a distance. I tried it once but it took me 2 hours until somebody took me because the cars have various destinations at that spot and many of them don't drive on the highway.