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<map lat='47.379056950776324' lng='8.524703979492188' zoom='12' view='3' float='right' height='400'/>
Flag of Switzerland
Population: 385,000
Licence plate: ZH
Major roads: E 60, E 41, A3
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Zürich is a large city in eastern Switzerland.

Hitchhiking out

Northwest towards Basel E 60, southwest towards Bern E 35,

The most direct option is to reach a petrol station on the motorway by train and then foot. Take the S12 to Kilwangen-Spreitenbach. The stop is near the service station. One can also use this petrol station to go east and south of Zürich by using the opposite side to the Bern/Basel exit.

Take tram 4 to Sportweg. Cross the tram tracks to the opposite platform and walk back about 30m in the direction the tram came to the lay-by on Pfingstweidstrasse. This is a very good hitching spot located before the motorway entrance as cars are not going too fast and drivers can see you from afar and have time to pull into the lay-by.

South towards Italy E 41

Follow signs in the city for motorway 4 to Luzern. You will reach West st. Just past the intersection of West and Werd, there is a driveway in front of an apartment building where cars can pull over just before the right turn onto the onramp of motorway 4.

North towards Germany, east towards Austria, Germany

Take S-Bahn S7 to Kemptthal (~25 minutes from the main station), then walk up the hill in the direction from where the train came from. After a 5 min walk, you should see a grassy hill on your right hand side. Walk to the top of the grassy hill and you will find a BP petrol station, a restaurant and a small COOP supermarket.

Public Transport (Freeriding)

On the buses after 21.00 (when the controllers stop their work day) one has to enter at the front and show the driver their ticket, before then, one should be really careful because the conductors can come with a whole bunch of people and won't let anyone out. Better to take the tram - according to a friend who grew up in Zurich the chance is very small that there will be a control, and after 21 there won't be any controllers at all.

However, if taking the tram during the day, and there is a control, you are going to be caught. They come in a giant group of ~15 and take up the entire station so you can't escape. I was caught 8/2015 and plead poverty, although while I had my wallet out giving ID, he discovered I had euros (40), so he took that, saying I owed the remaining 60 and gave me a receipt/bill/ticket.

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