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<map lat='46.8012345356446' lng='7.144203186035156' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/>
Flag of Switzerland
Population: 34,500
Licence plate: FR
Major roads: E 27, A12
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Fribourg is a town in Switzerland. It's also called Freiburg im Üchtland in German.

The town is not that big, so you can easily walk around.

Hitchhiking out

South towards the mountains

Take the Blvd des Perolles and walk to the very end, where the two streets come together. After the roundabout is a good spot.

North, South towards Lausanne, Bern

Catch a bus to the beginning of the motorway at Fribourg Nord and try to hitchhike from there. Theres another drive-in of the motorway at Fribourg Süd which you should prefer. Catch a trolley bus in the other direction towards Villars-sûr-Glâne to the old Jumbo - much more traffic there but the spot is not great. To get onto the motorway, cars have to turn right at the roundabout and then the freeway just starts.

Cities in Switzerland with more than 30.000 inhabitants

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